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Wall to wall carpets can also be referred to as broadloom or fitted carpets. It is the type of carpeting technique that covers a given space in one single piece or even in few pieces. Other types of carpeting usually lay out several pieces to create a flooring. They are mostly suitable for large floor surfaces or for projects with big design aspirations.

They have a number of advantages compared to the other tiled types of carpets. One of their importance is that they provide a wide range of pattern standards and colors. Wall to wall carpets often bring an attractive and dashing look to an office space or wherever they are placed. We have outlined a number of the best wall to wall office carpets that you can find in Nairobi:

Nylon Carpets

Nylon carpet is a common flooring wall to wall carpet that has been in existence for many years. They are suitable for office spaces because they are the best type for high traffic areas. They have a number of features including being very soft, long lasting, hard to permanently blemish and resistant to wear. They also have an affordable price than most of the other carpets. Nylon carpets come in different varieties to choose from depending on one’s preference of density and softness. These types of carpets are mostly preferred because they are durable and are available in different designs.

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Wool Carpet

This a natural fiber type of carpet known for stain resistant, being very luxurious and strong than most carpets. Wool provides the best comfort and brings out a good structural appearance. Wool wall to wall carpets are one of the most long lasting and durable carpets available. They are also affordable just like nylon carpets. Wool is made with no chemicals or additives hence will not affect allergic people. The only precaution you should take with this type of carpet is to avoid moist or humid areas in the office, as they tend to get mold sometimes.

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Acrylic Carpet

Unlike the wool carpets, acrylic carpets are resistant to moisture and mold. They are also resistant to staining, buildup of static electricity and fading. They are harder to find and are often referred to as ‘synthetic wool’ because they feel the same as wool carpets. To ensure they last for a long period, they should not be used in high traffic areas like hallways. Instead, they should be used inside offices where there is no much movement that may reduce the durability of the carpet.

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Olefin Carpet

They are made from petroleum products, which make them a bit cheaper. They are comfortable to walk on but not as soft as nylon because they are suitable for outdoor areas. Olefin carpets are better used in office areas that have an outdoor space. They are highly resistant to mold and water. They also have a good resistance to stain and wear and tear. A disadvantage to these types of carpets is that they hold on to oils which collects dirt. Because of their hard nature, they can withstand harsh chemicals used for cleaning.

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Carpets in Nairobi

Polyester Carpets

Polyester carpets are made of vibrant colors and fade-resistant material. Before, these types of carpets were known for being a lower quality choice compared to nylon. Due to technological advancements, their fiber’s durability has increased largely. Some types of polyester carpets are made from recycled plastic bottles that make them eco-friendly. They are naturally hydrophobic meaning they are repellant to water and are resistant to stain. As expected, they are a cheaper type of carpet compared to other carpets like Nylon and Olefin carpets. Their disadvantage is they can easily get worn out making them not suitable for high traffic areas.

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Carpet Tiles

These are small segments of carpets that are laid in different ways according your preference. Carpet tiles are much affordable compared to other office carpets. They are also much faster and easier to lay. Most offices prefer this type of carpet as it is also easier to clean and also saves money and time. Carpet tiles are often considered for casual office spaces since they are good option. Also, carpet tiles are easy to clean especially if you have the right cleaning tools.

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Best office carpet

Choosing the best type of wall-to-wall carpet for your office space can be a challenging task. All the different types of carpets have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. It all comes down to your space conditions, needs and preferences. To choose a good wall to wall carpet, you need to effectively evaluate the condition of your office area to make an informed decision of the same.

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