About Us

We like it clean

Fixel services is the ideal Cleaning, fumigation, Landscaping and general supplies business registered in Kenya and operating across the East African region. We are a team of vibrant professionals with a common goal to offer exclusive supply and support of services to businesses, institutions and homes amongst other facilities.
Our services are tailored to suit the need of a specific customer so as to maximize on satisfactory remarks and attract return business. Fixel delivers its promise and our services are never compromised because our employees are well trained to follow procedures diligently.
We also take initiatives to recommend a service that best suit a certain need to fully solve the problem at hand. We always introduce new products and improved services to effectively solve emerging challenges.


To be the ideal business partner in cleaning, landscaping and general supply of detergents and cleaning equipment.


To consistently deliver tailored products and services that best suit a customer need.


• Timely • Professional • Honesty

Cleaners on duty call: +254 777 194 800