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Do you have good cleaning equipment? Cleaning equipment are the most important equipment that every professional cleaning company should have. Before cleaning a place, one is required to make sure that all the needed cleaning equipment are available. Cleaning equipment are beneficial to both the client and the cleaner for time is saved. The need of having and using the right cleaning tools is that they will enable you to manage, organize and stay on track of your cleaning schedule.

In this article, we will be sharing 5 benefits of using the right cleaning equipment that will make your work easier, reduces fatigue and increase your productivity rather than using and depending on manual cleaning. Also cleaning using the right cleaning tools can make a difference.


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1.     Low maintenance/ and easy to operate

Maintaining the cleaning equipment are most important because they increase the durability of the tools and helps stop bacteria from spreading. Also, it is important to make sure that you have the right tools before cleaning. Cleaning equipment are made in such a way that using and maintaining them is very easy enabling them not to weary fast. They are designed in a user-friendly manner making it easy for every person to use it and maintain. If the equipment are handled carefully, they will require low maintenance. Also, it will be easy to operate as the tool’s performance does not change and they are likely to be used for years.

2.     Availability of cleaning equipment

Finding the right equipment is not a problem anymore. There are a number of manufactures of different industrial cleaning equipment like floor sweepers, vacuum cleaners and more. If case of specific equipment you can get in touch with different companies that manufacture the equipment or talk directly to us for supplies. As much as some equipment can be costly to purchase, the good thing is that you can rent some equipment. Renting is a bit convenience since you get to choose according to your preferences. However, if your renting will be based on regular hire, it is most likely to be expensive compared to one-time purchase.

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3.     Proficient

Commercial cleaning equipment are designed in such a manner that they can clean a large area at a go. This enables the cleaner to be able to clean large area saving more time that can be valued elsewhere. Such cleaning equipment increase the efficiency by almost a hundred percent compared to manual cleaning. A part form time, it also reduces fatigue and increases productivity.

4.     Eco-friendly

Every manufacturer’s ideal goal is to make products that are eco-friendly to the user. They also develop cleaning machineries that consume less power and cause no harm to the environment such as air pollution. Therefore, it is important to have such eco-friendly cleaning equipment to ensure that you do not pollute the air.

5.     Efficiency

Are you getting good results after cleaning your place? Using the right tools for cleaning guarantees you efficient results. Efficiency can only be achieved when you buy quality equipment that are original and of good quality. Such equipment are designed to carry out a specific task. When you buy the right item, the results will be good and you will also enjoy while cleaning and also less time will be used.

However, as a reliable cleaning company in Kenya, we have specialized in commercial cleaning and acquired many of the cleaning machines and equipment. We save you the hustle through affordable cleaning services at your convenience.

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Apart from the cleaning equipment, here are some few expert ways to clean your house.

  1. Dust

Dusting leaves the place looking lovely, smelling nice and keeps you away from getting sick. Therefore, it is important to dust everything in the house, including hand rails, television screens, picture frames, and radios preferably with something dry. It is best to dust from top going down to prevent dirtying those that were dusted already.

  1. Scrub the floors

Scrubbing the floor nicely is essential as it prevent accidents from occurring in the room. Therefore, the floors of the house and the bathroom should be scrubbed using a hard brush and detergents. Disinfect bathroom floors to do away with the microbes.

  1. Wipes

Wiping the place is also a way of cleaning your place. This may include wiping out the excess water and soap using a mop or a duster on the floor. This mostly is used when you have scrubbed everywhere and while doing the final touches. It leaves the floor dry and clean also preventing accidents from happening.

  1. Clean the mirror and glasses

While cleaning the mirror and the glasses, microfiber cloth is best recommended. Microfiber cloth wipes off dust and prints on the mirrors and glasses till the mirror is sparkling.

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  1. Use vacuum cleaner as a cleaning equipment

Vacuum cleaning is best used in furniture’s and carpet cleaning. Mostly, it could be technical unless done by experts with the right cleaning agents and machinery.

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In conclusion, if you want your place to be clean, you should consider the right cleaning tools to use. Such tools are manufactured to carry out a specific work and this ensures that the tool is reliable rather than the manual cleaning. Those are also among the advantages of using cleaning equipment.

At Fixel services we keep our promise, and our services are never compromised because our employees are well trained on how to use and handle the cleaning tools appropriately.

Besides having among the best cleaning tools in Kenya, we also provide cleaning commercial and domestic services such as; offices, homes, institutional, medical facilities, warehouse and ay other related dwelling or business areas.


To get your place cleaned using the right cleaning equipment, detergents, and manpower you can contact us by calling or WhatsApp +254 777 194 800. For Home, Office, Institutional, Medical facility, Warehouse, and any other related dwelling or business area we are your go to professional cleaning company in Nairobi, Kenya you can trust.

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