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Top commercial cleaning services in Nairobi

Looking for a cleaning services in Nairobi or Kenya at large? Worry no more for we have a number of cleaning services that you are likely to find in Kenya. Some of this services include, Commercial cleaning, Laundry and dry cleaning, Sanitization and disinfection, residential cleaning among others. A clean and healthy environment is essential for all businesses and facilities, regardless of the industry. It is important to put in place detailed disinfecting methods to protect the employees and guests visiting your facility. Being is a dirty environment can cause illness among the employees due to the bacteria that will be have accumulated in dirty parts. A perfect clean outcome can only be achieved only if the right cleaning tools are used.

Laundry and Dry-cleaning

Laundry cleaning and dry cleaning are quite different as much as they might seem similar. Dry cleaning uses high-end chemicals to remove persistent stains and grease from clothes while laundry cleaning uses soaps, detergents and softeners to wash clothes. As you choose the best laundry and dry cleaner for their services, they should be able to provide services such fold washing and pressing and dry cleaning. Other extra services such as delivery, should be considered when selecting a dry cleaner. These services help you save time and ensures that your clothes are clean and dried before pic up time or delivery time.


General Cleaning Services

General cleaning is a popular phrase that people use to refer to complete cleaning session. Its actual fact is that it really needs further details or rather thorough cleaning. This type of cleaning does not entail a specific area to be cleaned. However, the gist of it is basic cleaning duties such as tidy-up, vacuum cleaning or wiping floors, wiping and dusting services, and possibly ancillary things like dishwashing and de-cluttering. The application of this can vary between different uses and areas, so a ‘general clean’ for a small domestic flat will be different to a ‘general clean’ for a large block with communal areas.

Sanitization and Disinfection Cleaning Services

Due to the spread of Covid 19 virus, it is critical to keep both homes and offices free from harmful bacteria. Such bacteria are likely to cause allergies, colds and coughs. To be on the safe side, it’s important to always have your place sanitized and disinfected. Sanitization and disinfection use physical and chemical means to ensure that our surroundings and office spaces are safe for human inhabitation and prevent the COVID and other bacteria from spreading.

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Fumigation Cleaning Services

Janitorial  Services

Janitorial cleaning services cover every day ongoing maintenance and cleaning of buildings like office spaces, schools, industries. In contrast, commercial cleaning involves bigger, deep-cleaning tasks performed once a few times a year. Some of the typical duties include mopping, sweeping, and taking out the trash and general building maintenance like changing light bulbs and fixing broken doors.

Residential Cleaning Services

Are you planning to have your home cleaned? This type of cleaning service is also called household cleaning. It entails cleaning a customer’s home either when they are present or out of their house. A good reason why you should consider residential cleaning services is because it frees up more time to spend with other families instead of having to fuss over household chores. Household cleaners ensures to clean every single part of the house. Some of their services include carpet cleaning, removing cobwebs, cleaning refrigerators, microwaves, deep kitchen cleaning, scrubbing and polishing both dry woof floors and tile walls among others. Its advisable to have a residential cleaning service once in a month.

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Best cleaning services in Nairobi


Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning services entails, performing cleaning services for commercial building such as community building, office spaces, schools, banks and more. These cleaning services can be scheduled either during the working hours or when the premises are closed. Some of the cleaning done in commercial building include dusting the place, wiping the surfaces and floor cleaning among others. In places such as within a hotel or restaurant business this will tend to include changing sheets, steam and stone cleaning kitchen equipment, mopping floors, and cleaning public areas. These activities ensures that the buildings are clean and leaves no place unclean.

Top commercial cleaning services in Nairobi

The professionals at Fixel Clean have the experience and skills to deliver spotless, pristine results. Fixel company has experience and use advanced cleaning products and processes that will help eliminate dirt, dust, germs and bacteria from your environment. We ensure that care is maintained by all workers and they carry out their duties by ensuring they handle the customer’s assets with care.

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Here at Fixel, we offer professional cleaning and related services at very affordable rates. We also deliver our services as per the client’s order. Also, our employees are well trained on how to use and handle the cleaning tools appropriately. Besides having among the best cleaning tools in Kenya, we also provide commercial cleaning and domestic services such as; offices, homes, institutional, medical facilities, warehouse and other related dwelling or business areas.

To get your place a wall-to-wall carpet that is durable and one that suits your office you can contact us by calling or WhatsApp +254 777 194 800.

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